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Take action to reduce the energy costs and environmental impact of your organisation.
It all starts with a BHESCo energy assessment.

Our award-winning Energy Saving Service will quickly identify where you are wasting heat and power and help you fix it quickly.

Reduce energy costs

Increase efficiency and comfort

Lower environmental impact

Efficient energy management = Effective business management

A holistic environmental and facilities management strategy is a vital element of any successful organisation – regardless of sector, size, or site.

This will enable organisations to meet financial, procedural and stakeholder expectations, in addition to attracting and retaining loyal customers and talented staff.

A business premises with a low environmental impact and a reliable and comfortable temperature in all seasons will form a sound basis for your organisation to thrive.

Our typical customers include schools, sports and leisure facilities, care homes, community centres, hotels, churches and small businesses.

Gain a competitive edge and identify new revenue streams

Making improvements to the energy management of your premises will drive down operating costs and enhance comfort levels for staff and visitors. Saving money on your energy costs allows you to reinvest profits on staff, marketing, and resources which really matter to your organisation.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average small and medium sized enterprise (SME) could reduce its energy bill by up to 25% by installing energy efficiency measures and introducing behaviour change.

Where possible, generating your own renewable electricity is significantly cheaper than purchasing energy from a supplier and could also present opportunities for revenue generation via the sale of excess electricity.

In addition to great financial savings, improving the energy performance of your business or organisation will deliver the following benefits:

What types of organisation does BHESCo work with?

BHESCo was established to accelerate the transition to a fossil fuel free future by supporting all property owners in Sussex who want to reduce their environmental impact.

With this in mind, BHESCo is eager to partner with any organisations who are committed to taking action on the climate emergency whilst driving down their own energy costs at the same time.

Below are some of our most common types of project customer, but this selection is by no means exhaustive and we are always excited to egngage with new sectors and challenges.

Blocks of flats


Office space

Fitness & Leisure

Industrial estates

Wine estates & vineyards

Schools & colleges

Care homes

Start Generating Your Own Renewable Energy

In addition to helping you improve the energy performance of your property a BHESCo energy audit will investigate the potential economic advantage of generating your own renewable energy.

The most common technologies we use are solar photovoltaics (PV) and air source heat pumps, but we can look at the viability of other solutions such as air source or ground source heat pumps and battery storage technologies.

The costs of solar panels have fallen dramatically in the last ten years, with a typical 12kW (36 panel) system now costing around £13,000 – £14,000.

You may also be able to earn additional revenue from the sale of excess electricity to energy suppliers, neighbours, or electric vehicle owners through a digital trading platform.

Typical energy improvements

BHESCo’s experienced and knowledgeable energy saving advisors will design a bespoke energy saving plan that is unique for your business or organisation.

To identify opportunities for improving the energy performance of any property it is vital to gain a thorough understanding of energy demand and consumption patterns.

For this reason, a bespoke BHESCo energy survey should be the first phase of any planned building improvements, underpinning every other stage of your future energy strategy.

Our bespoke and holistic energy survey will provide a thorough and detailed examination of every aspect involved with heating and powering your facility, including:

In addition to helping you improve the energy performance of your property BHESCo can evaluate the potential for generating your own renewable electricity by installing rooftop solar panels.

The costs of solar panels have fallen dramatically in the last ten years, with a typical domestic 4kW (12 panel) system now costing around £5,000.

We can also help you can maximise the value of the electricity you generate by installing a solar battery. This allows you to store energy that has been generated during the day for when you may need it later in the evening.

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For properties that have solar panels installed the addition of battery storage technology enables owners to store electricity for use at a time of their convenience.

Battery storage can also enable users to take advantage of ‘Time Of Use’ Tariffs, whereby a battery can be charged during times when energy prices are low and discharged at when prices are high. Alternatively, you may choose to sell any surplus electricity back to the electricity grid at times of high demand, creating a new revenue stream for your church.

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In many instances there is no need for lights to be left on continually. Adding motion sensors to turn lights on automatically whenever an employee is in the vicinity will cut down on waste and can achieve savings of up to 30%.

It is also advisable to install remote heating and lighting controls, enabling specific heat and light levels to be set for different zones of the building and in relation to time and seasonal variations.

Integrating remote monitoring and controls will enable facilities managers to continually gather and analyse data about a building’s energy use, adjusting heat and lighting settings in reaction to the information available, and creating a business case for the adoption of new measures where necessary.

Switching from traditional incandescent or halogen lighting to energy efficient ‘Light Emitting Diodes’ (LEDs) can reduce electricity consumption by up to 90%.

Adding motion sensors for lesser used rooms or corridors can further help to drive down energy bills.

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Chances are that your heating consumption makes up the lion’s share of your monthly energy bill.

Generating your heat more efficiently can greatly reduce your bills and dramatically improve comfort in your property..

Depending on the the type of building in question and the amount of space available you may be able to heat your property with an air source or a ground source heat pump.

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The cost of heating in the UK can be very expensive.

If you are losing heat through draughty windows and doors then your property will not only be uncomfortably cold but you will be wasting huge amounts of money as well.

Improving your windows and doors will make your property feel much warmer in the winter and much cooler in the summer.

Furthermore, as well as helping you cut down on energy bills, new windows and doors will reduce levels of noise pollution from outside.

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Any floor that is above an unheated space (like a garage or a basement) can easily lose a great deal of heat to the colder area beneath.

In some properties heat can be lost throught the ground floor as well, so it is important that floors are properly insulated wherever possible.

The type of floor in your property (concrete or suspended timber) will determine which solution is most appropriate.

Hot air rises, which means that up to a quarter of heat loss in can occur if your roof is not properly insulated.

Fortunately, topping up your loft insulation is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your property.

Increasing the depth of your loft insulation to the recommended minimum of 270mm will immediately improve comfort and wellbeing while helping you to dramatically reduce energy bills.

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The majority of heat loss in the home occurs through the walls – in some cases heat loss though uninsulated walls can account for up to half of all heat loss in a property.

There are a variety of solutions for improving the energy efficiency of your walls which can depend on the age and the type of the property.

Possible solutions could include Cavity Wall Insulation, External Wall Insulation, or Internal Wall Insulation.

If neccessary our energy assessment can include a boroscope survey to identify the current state of the walls and what insulation there may or may not be already.

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Long term partners in energy saving

BHESCo is a consumer co-operative, which means that unlike some other organisations we remain accountable to our customers long after the project installation.

We will continue to monitor the performance of the equipment we have installed to ensure the that anticipated savings are being achieved.

All of our project customers are invited to become members of our co-op and have a say in our governance.

What are people saying about BHESCo's Energy Saving Service?

"We are delighted with our new solar panel system which has reduced our energy costs significantly whilst providing a valuable resource of clean electricity. BHESCo provided a first class service which we will be sure to use again"
Leisure Centre Project Customer
"If you want a very comprehensive, reasonably priced analysis of the energy efficiency of your property, with detailed, costed, and prioritised proposals for improvement, then BHESCo is where you're going to get it"
Domestic Project Customer
"BHESCo is giving us the best service, working really hard on getting the best solution for the biomass boiler. There is a real professionalism in the team and a real willingness to help the green energy to be developed"
Manufacturing Centre Project Customer

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Case Studies

How much does an energy survey cost?

The cost of an energy audit depends on the size of the property. Quotes are provided upon request.

To determine the cost of your energy audit we will need you to send us a copy of any floor plans along with your energy bills from the past 24 months, as this helps us to gain an initial understanding of your energy consumption.

Customers who decide to work with BHESCo to install their energy management improvements will not have to pay for their energy audit upfront – the cost will be absorbed into the Pay As You Save financial agreement.

Funding your energy saving measures

At BHESCo we understand that the upfront cost of installing energy saving measures for yoru business or organisation can be expensive.

That’s why we make our innovative ‘Pay As You Save’ financing available to all of our customers.

We cover the upfront project cost on your behalf which is then paid back over time using a portion of the savings achieved on your monthly energy bills. Once our loan is repaid you become the owner of your energy saving measures and will enjoy 100% of the savings for the lifetime of the equipment.

Save money, save energy, save Earth

The UK’s 1.8 million non-domestic properties are responsible for around 18% of total CO2
emissions each year. This presents a very exciting and achievable challenge, especially as many of the solutions available can be reached at no net cost and already exist today.

Taking action to improve the energy performance of commercial and public buildings will contribute to the UK’s climate change targets as well as delivering significant benefits to the wellbeing and cashflow of the organisations involved.

Since we launched our Energy Saving Service in January 2016 BHESCo have visited more than 700 properties and achieved savings worth hundreds of thousands of pounds on behalf of our customers.

If you want to enjoy cheaper monthly energy bills and enhanced comfort (while saving the planet at the same time) then your journey begins with an energy survey.

We look forward to becoming your trusted partner in your quest for energy independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make our Energy Saving Service available to everyone in the community whether they are a member of BHESCo or not.

Many BHESCo customers go on to become members but this is not a prerequisite.

Recent regulations in the housing market have greatly increased the importance of having an up-to-date and accurate Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

When selling a property an EPC must be presented to the buyer/ new owner.

From April 2018, all rented properties must meet government issued Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) or they will be ineligible for new lettings.

BHESCo energy surveyors are fully qualified to issue new EPCs if required.

An energy survey usually takes no more than 1-2 hours depending on the size of your property.
We aim to have your completed Energy Saving Report to you within five working days following the survey.

Your Energy Saving Report includes details of all the ways you are wasting heat and energy in your home in addition to our suggestions of how to address any issues with the most cost-effective solutions available.
Our suggested energy efficiency/ energy generation measures include details of typical upfront costs and anticipated payback time, as well as the expected financial and carbon reducing benefits.

Our report will include an analysis of your current gas and electric bills plus a recommendation of cheaper energy tariffs if applicable. Usually the savings made from switching tariff alone will cover the cost of the energy survey.

It is preferable that our energy surveyors are able to view each room of the property including the loft so some clearance may be required if neccessary.

It is also beneficial to have access to any meters, boilers, or hot water controls.

A copy of your most recent gas and electric bill is essential for helping us to understand yoru energy use and current costs.

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