What We Do

We empower property owners in Sussex to meet their heat and power needs with efficient buildings and clean, affordable, community-owned energy.

How we do this?

We survey your property and examine your energy bills to gain an in-depth understanding of your consumption and needs.

You receive a detailed report identifying all the ways your property is wasting heat and energy as well as our suggestions on the most cost-effective solutions.

Following the survey you may wish to engage BHESCo to project manage the installation of your recommended energy measures.

We will tender the project to our trusted network of experienced energy technology suppliers to ensure you receive a competitive quote.

If required we can assess the suitability of your energy improvements for our ‘Pay As You Save‘ finance initiative.

We will make all arrangements for the installation of your chosen measures, and continue to monitor your equipment to ensure the expected savings are achieved.  

Our customers include schools, leisure centres, housing associations, churches, small businesses, hospitality properties and domestic properties.

Typical renewable energy and energy saving measures

Why should you choose BHESCo to improve the energy performance of your home or business?

Our work is focused on helping people make the best use of their energy supply, allowing them to reduce expenditure and contribute to a healthier environment at the same time.

The outstanding quality of our technical knowledge guarantees that our customers benefit from the most effective method of meeting the cost of the energy they use.

Our finance model helps people to own the equipment that’s installed and play an active role in making the best choices for their property.

Applying our technological skills in energy efficiency measures and our expertise in renewable energy within an economic framework, we help to stop millions of pounds worth of energy literally going out of the window.

Our work drives down the cost of energy — slashing bills for residential, commercial and business properties alike.

Fossil fuels are dirty fuels – using them adversely affects the air we breathe, the water we drink, our weather patterns and the animals and plants which sustain us. This is not sustainable and we cannot afford to destroy the very elements that keep us alive.

Our affordable ‘Pay As You Save’ financing puts green energy within reach of every property owner in England

BHESCo's unique 'Pay As You Save' finance initiative

We make our service available to you at zero upfront cost, and repayments are made using our ‘Pay As You Save’ initiative.

This means that you will start to see savings immediately. A portion of the savings you make from your energy bill repays the cost of the installation. Once repaid, you will get the full financial benefit of your savings.

Read more about the different financial options available to you.

Watch the Pay As You Save video explainer.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Recent regulations in the rental market have greatly increased the importance of having an up-to-date and accurate EPC.

When selling a property an EPC must be presented to the buyer.

From April 2018, all rented properties must meet government issued Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) or they will be ineligible for new lettings.

BHESCo energy surveyors are fully qualified to issue new EPCs if required.

Energy saving in the home

Retrofitting your home with energy efficiency measures will drive down the cost of monthly bills and enhance warmth and comfort levels, as well as having a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Improving the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will also increase property value and ensure regulatory compliance if renting the property.

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Energy saving for your business

Effective environmental and facilities management forms the basis from which to run any succcessful organisation – regardless of size or sector.

This will ensure you meet the financial, regulatory and stakeholder expectations of your business, as well as helping you attract and retain the best customers and the most talented and motivated staff.

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Community Energy Project Case Studies

BHESCo’s community energy projects have brought us together with churches and schools, warehouses and leisure centres, community centres and art galleries, and dance studios and office spaces. 

Our  team have experience with every kind of energy saving and energy generating technology from solar panels to heat pumps, and biomass boilers to battery storage.

Get a flavour for the broad mix of our community energy projects by browsing through our Case Studies.

BHESCo Community Energy Projects - Interactive Map
BHESCo Community Energy Projects - List Detail