Energy consultancy by phone or video

Introducing BHESCo's remote energy consultancy service

Bringing together years of experience from different sectors and professions, the team at BHESCo can provide expert consulting on a wide variety of challenges that you may come across when making improvements to the energy performance of your property.

For example, we can advise on:

Our team is recognised for their high level of technical expertise and commitment to identifying the best solutions for our customers at the lowest possible cost.

We are highly skilled professionals with qualifications spanning a range of disciplines including financial modelling, engineering, environmental management, procurement, building energy efficiency and retrofit.

BHESCo are passionate about putting these skills to use by helping you to make your property as affordable and sustainable to heat and power as possible.

Common questions:

Installing energy saving or energy generating technologies in your property is an expensive undertaking which also comes with a certain unavoidable level of disruption.

Very often the installation process may take a week or more, and the payback time for a project may take many years. With this in mind, before making a long-term financial commitment to install clean energy systems in your home or business, it is a good idea to obtain a second opinion from an experienced professional in order to ensure that your money and time are not being wasted.

For example, analysis by a BHESCo consultant could determine that solar panels are not appropriate for your property, ultimately saving you many thousands of pounds and avoiding the hassle of installing a system that will not meet your expectations.

Conversely, a BHESCo consultant may determine that your property is a good candidate for solar PV, and that you may be able to maximise the value of your system by combining it with a smart battery, a flexible ‘Time of Use’ tariff, or another electrically powered device such as an air source heat pump.

You should speak with a consultant from BHESCo during the first stages of designing your energy management strategy and definitely before paying for the installation of any energy efficiency or renewable energy systems at your property.

A BHESCo consultant can scrutinise any quotes that you have been provided with by an installer and determine whether the system design is appropriate and if the price is reasonable. We can also make recommendations from our own trusted network of installers.

On various occasions BHESCo have been presented with system designs and installation quotations that would be a bad deal for our customer. We want to make our expertise and experience available to you to give you total confidence that you are making the best decision when selecting energy upgrades for your property.

Once you have completed the consultancy request form below, then your request will be assigned to the member of the team with expertise in that particular area.

We will consider the demands of your project and provide you with an estimate of time required to deliver the best outcome on your behalf.

We will contact you with a quote for the cost of our consultancy, at which time we may also ask you for further supporting documents to assist with our analysis, such as building designs, floor plans, or energy bill data.

Your project manager will then spend an agreed amount of time researching your project and making conclusions and recommendations which will be presented to you during a telephone consultation at a time of your choice.

Following your telephone consultation, it can be decided whether more work is required or if you have obtained enough information to make an informed decision about your energy project.

The minimum time allocation for a BHESCo consultancy will be 1 hour, which will be charged at £75 (excluding VAT).

After the first hour, the cost for consulting on your energy project will increase in half hourly increments at a cost of £37.50 per additional 30 minutes of time required.

An estimate of the time required will be provided to you by a BHESCo Project Manager when responding to your initial completion of the consultancy request form.

Times and costs will be agreed by both parties before any consultancy work is undertaken.