Invest in BHESCo's
Community Energy Bond Offer

Align your financial goals with your personal values by investing in our award-winning community energy co-operative.

We invite you to invest in BHESCo to support the growth of community owned renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Sussex.

An investment in BHESCo will provide you with an attractive financial return whilst contributing to the UK's carbon reduction goals.

Your investment will...

Target an attractive rate of 5% interest each year

Support our innovative business model

Develop community owned energy projects

Reduce carbon emissions from the community

Lower energy costs for the community

For more than a decade the UK Government has shown a shocking lack of urgency about the climate crisis. 

We need to switch from coal and gas to renewable energy sources as soon as possible.

The slow pace of action can make people feel frustrated and anxious, wondering what they can do to change things for the better.  

If this sounds like you, then we have the antidote…

As a community-focused organisation with a proud record of successful carbon reduction projects, BHESCo offers its investors a practical solution that helps make a real difference in the community

By investing in our bond offer you’ll be directly supporting new clean energy projects in Sussex, driving down energy costs and carbon emissions for decades ahead.

What’s more, you’ll receive an annual 5% interest payment in return for getting these projects off the ground.

We’re passionate about helping Brighton and Hove meet its climate change targets, and we hope you will take this opportunity to support our vital work in the local community.

2023 Solar Projects

Hangleton Primary School

Installation Size: 33.11kWp

Fund Required: £34037

No. Panels: 81

Lifetime Saving: £277,327

Annual Carbon Saving: 6,508kg

Lifetime Carbon Saving: 163 tonnes

Mile Oak Primary School

Installation Size: 85.69kWp

Funding Required: £116,804

No. Panels: 209

Lifetime Saving: £416,433

Annual Carbon Saving: 16,863kg

Lifetime Carbon Saving: 421 tonnes

Peter Gladwin Primary School

Installation Size: 52.89kWp

Funding Required: £54,371

No. Panels: 131

Lifetime Saving: £464,501

Annual Carbon Saving: 9,757kg

Lifetime Carbon Saving: 244 tonnes

Goldstone Primary


Installation Size: 49.61kWp

Funding Required: £50999

No. Panels: 141

Lifetime Saving: £359,739

Annual Carbon Saving: 9,616kg

Lifetime Carbon Saving: 240 tonnes

Middle Street Primary School


Installation Size: 37.35kWp

Funding Required: £44370

No. Panels: 97

Lifetime Saving: £332,353

Annual Carbon Saving: 7,373kg

Lifetime Carbon Saving: 184 tonnes

What will these new projects achieve?

solar power on 8 new sites

546kWp new solar capacity

£3.9 million lifetime savings

2,631 tonnes CO2 savings

What are investors and supporters saying about BHESCo?

Invest in community energy and earn 5% interest

An investment in BHESCo’s will earn you interest at 5% each year* while funding the development of new community energy projects in Sussex.

By making an investment in BHESCo you will be creating a more resilient and sustainable community while helping to reduce our collective environmental impact.

Join other investors who are driving the transition away from fossil fuels by choosing to invest in community energy projects.

Other benefits of investing in community energy

In addition to receiving an attractive 5% return on your investment and having an equal say in how we are run there are a number of reasons why you should become our next investor:

*5% = anticipated rate. Your capital is at risk when you invest, so never risk more than you can afford to lose. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. If you are in any doubt you should consult a financial adviser.

Community energy investment in the UK - The big picture

Across the UK communities are coming together to invest in local energy projects that deliver immediate and meaningful results.

A study by Community Energy England found that there are over 58,000 members of 495 community energy groups who have invested in projects that collectively generate 506 gigawatts of clean renewable electricity each year. That’s enough to power 174,000 UK homes.

With support from visionary investors like you, the sector is expected to grow by a factor of twelve to twenty times by 2030.

We very much hope you will soon become the latest supporter of the community energy revolution.

58,000 members

£14.3 million invested

495 active groups

Why BHESCo needs your investment

BHESCo are raising funds for a new collection of solar projects at five local schools, plus a business park , an industrial estate, and a leisure centre.

On top of the long-term financial and carbon savings of these projects, added value will be generated by creating work for local businesses, supporting new employment opportunities, building a more resilient economy, and demonstrating that community energy is a viable and replicable business model.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, BHESCo depends on its investors to finance new projects. With your help, we can continue our pioneering work and see the benefits of our business grow by increasing the number of schools involved in our solar for schools projects.

The rising number of ‘green’ funds now being provided by the mainstream investment companies shows that increasing numbers of investors are looking to align their investment goals with their personal values.

The advantages of investing in not-for-profit, community-based organisations like BHESCo (rather than large commercial investment companies) is that you can easily see the grass roots benefit being delivered right to the heart of the community.

By raising funds from the community, we remove the burdensome upfront costs that can prevent building owners from taking action to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings. This empowers everyone to become part of the transition to a sustainable low-carbon world, taking responsibility and playing their role in tackling the global challenge of climate change.

Our ambition is that every resident of Brighton & Hove becomes a member of our co-operative. By joining together in this way, we can truly take control of our future and give hope to the next generation.

An investment in BHESCo is a low risk long-term strategy

When you become an investor with BHESCo your money is channelled into low-carbon energy technologies such as solar panels, heat pumps, energy efficiency improvements and so on.

This means that the value of your funds is secured in those energy saving/ energy generating assets. In the unlikely event that BHESCo were to become insolvent, our ‘book’ of energy projects would likely be taken over by another community energy business who would continue to service the energy equipment on behalf of customers and continue to pay investors’ annual interest.

It is important note that your investment is not covered by the Financial Services Compensations Scheme, which means you cannot enjoy the same level of security as you may expect from an ISA for example.

For more information, please read our blog on why an investment in BHESCo should be considered as a low-risk, long-term investment strategy:

Things to consider before you invest

The minimum investment is £1,000 and the maximum is £100,000.

The drop down menus below contain important information which we need to share with you before you decide to invest. The information is taken from our 2023 Bond Offer Document.

BHESCo is a social enterprise which is owned by and managed for the benefit of its members.

As a consumer co-operative we are bound by our Rules to act for the benefit of the communities in which we operate. 

As a consumer co-operative, we remain accountable to our customers after the project installation, because all of our customers become members and have a say in our governance.

We are bound by our Rules to act for the benefit of the communities in which we operate. As a member you can get further involved through member meetings, joining working groups and standing for election to the Board.

This is a fundamentally different way of doing business on energy, as seen in the highly successful and well established model of community owned energy businesses elsewhere in Europe.

As with any investment there are a number of things to consider before investing your money. 

The Co-operative is registered with but not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore the money you invest is not safeguarded by any depositor protection scheme or dispute resolution scheme. This means that you may not get back all of the money you invest, and you should not invest more than you can afford to lose.

If any person has any doubt about the suitability of the investment which is the subject of this Bond Offer they should consult with an appropriate authorised financial adviser on this investment.

Bondholders will have the contractual right, having given the required notice, to full redemption of their bonds at the end of the 5-year initial term.

BHESCo intends to pay 5% interest to our investors on an annual basis, dependent on financial performance and cash flow. 

The interest is calculated gross and is not subject to a retained income tax credit.

Bondholders can decide to have their interest paid out to a nominated bank account, or to donate it to help fund our fuel poverty intervention work where it will assist vulnerable households in the local community with energy saving measures and advice.

A bondholder may apply to redeem their bonds in whole or in part as at 31 March in any
year and in order to do so shall complete a Repayment Notice and return the same to
BHESCo in accordance with the instructions printed thereon so as to be received by BHESCo
at least 3 months prior to the proposed Repayment Date. Any redemption under this
Condition 2.2 shall be at the Directors’ absolute discretion and may be for a number of
bonds less than those applied for in the Repayment Notice. Any such redemption shall be at
par, together with interest accrued on redeemed bonds up to and including the date of

BHESCo’s business model relies on raising cash for capital investment in its early years, hence your investment should be considered as medium to long term.

If your circumstances change, your investment may not be readily convertible into cash. Your investment may be withdrawn in accordance with the Rules but may not be withdrawable at short notice or when you wish to do so.

The Bond Offer is open to individuals over 16 years of age and to organisations who support the objectives of the Co-operative.

The minimum investment is £1,000 and the maximum is £100,000. 

Under Money Laundering Regulations you may be asked to provide evidence of your identity.

The terms and conditions of the share offer are subject to English Law.

Bondholders will have the contractual right, having given the required notice, to full redemption of their bonds at the end of the 5-year initial term. BHESCo’s ability to repay the bonds at this point is dependent on it being able to secure finance from third parties and/or future bond investors

A message from
BHESCo' s founder

To quote an old Lakota proverb: “Treat the earth well – it was not given to you by your parents; it was loaned to you by your children”.

I established BHESCo because I believe it is our duty to do all we can to ensure a prosperous, thriving future for the next generation.

We must create a new and better society where people live and work in efficient buildings powered by 100% renewable energy.

What better place to establish this vision than in our schools, providing a first-hand demonstration to young people that a sustainable world is not just a dream but a reality, right here, right now.

The latest Bond Offer from BHESCo is seeking to raise £580,000 to install nearly 700 solar panels on five schools around our city.

On average, we expect these solar arrays to meet around 70% of the schools’ electricity needs, bringing savings of around £3.5m over the next 25 years (money that can be channelled into better supplies, staff wages, facilities etc).

Furthermore, by generating their own on-site clean energy instead of buying it from an energy company, the schools will make a big reduction to their environmental impact. We estimate that the combined carbon dioxide savings from these projects will be the same as 4,332 TransAtlantic flights, or equivalent to removing 580 cars from the road for a whole year.

By becoming an investor in these projects you will help our schools to save money and fight climate change whilst receiving an attractive rate of interest on your investment.

We’re confident you’ll be as excited about this bond offer as we are and we hope you choose to make an investment which benefits our young people, our planet, and our community.

Kayle Ente MBE

Founder & CEO

Please remember that our investments are not covered by the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and that prospective investors may not get back the full amount they invest.