Partnering With Ethex To Reach Ethical Investors

In October 2019 BHESCo teamed up with ethical online investment platform Ethex to help us raise £500,000 so that we could develop a collection of clean energy projects around Sussex. 

As part of BHESCo’s innovative business model, we raise money from social impact investors and use this to fund the installation of energy saving/ energy generating technologies on behalf of our customers. 

This removes the burdensome upfront costs that can prevent property owners and facility managers from taking up low carbon energy measures, and means that everyone can take vital action on the climate crisis.

ethical investing - low carbon heating at Unity Centre, Lewes
Low carbon heating and lighting at the Unity Centre Lewes, a new health and wellbeing centre which opened its doors in September 2019 with help from investment by BHESCo shareholders. By choosing to work with BHESCo to install LED lighting and an air source heat pump, the Unity Centre will reduce its CO2 emissions by 68 tonnes.

Delivering meaningful social and environmental impact with the support of our investors

Our share offer closed on 28th February 2020 having raised a fantastic £623,000, enabling BHESCo to complete work on all of the energy projects that were included in the offer prospectus. 

Added together, we expect these projects to reduce carbon emissions by 867 tonnes over their project lifetime, which is the equivalent of:

In addition to the huge reduction in planet warming carbon emissions, these projects will deliver combined savings for our customers of £229,062. 

This is especially important considering that the majority of our project customers are schools, who have been facing tremendous financial strain in recent years.

Project Lifetime £ Savings Lifetime CO2 Savings
The Unity Centre
Brighton Road Baptist Church
Tarnerland Nursery
Saltdean Primary School
Varndean College
Patcham Junior School

Additional community benefits - inspiring young people and supporting small business

As well as making a significant contribution towards the UK’s net zero climate targets, our clean energy projects deliver a wide range of less obvious benefits to the community.

For example, by installing solar panels on local schools, we are demonstrating to younger generations that it is completely achievable to power our lives with clean, affordable, renewable energy sources. 

Here is what the headteacher of Patcham Junior School had to say about their project:

“For us as a school, apart from the financial benefits of lower cost energy, we will be able to share the project details with our pupils and ensure that they remain enthused about reducing our negative impacts on the planet”

Alistair Sutherland, Patcham Junior School

In addition to the fantastic educational advantages of our low carbon energy projects, we are also providing much needed business to local installers. 

As a result of projects delivered through our current share offer, we have engaged the services of solar installers, scaffolders, plumbers, lighting suppliers, etc, which helps to strengthen supply chains and create a thriving local economy.

Repaying Interest To Our Investors

Since our first share offer back in June 2015, BHESCo has now attracted 262 investors, who have collectively channelled investments worth £897,720 towards community owned energy projects in Sussex. 

True to our word, we have paid the target interest amount to our investors every year. Since our first interest payment in 2016, we have now paid out £45,751 interest to our shareholders.

Our interest allocation is built in to the financial model of each of our community energy projects, meaning we have every confidence in our ability to pay our target interest rate to our members each year.

ethical investing - saltdean primary school solar panels
181 solar panels installed on the roof of Saltdean Primary School, thanks to investors in our 2019 share offer. By generating their own solar electricity, we expect Saltdean Primary to save £52,261 on the fuel bill.
Have you considered becoming an ethical investor?

With the UK’s low carbon sector expected to grow four times faster than the rest of the economy, there has never been a better time to start investing in sustainable ventures like BHESCo.

It is easy to begin investing online with our straight-forward application form.

Your investment will help fund the completion of two new large-scale low-carbon energy projects at a school and a higher education facility, helping to drive down bills and power forward the transition to locally owned clean energy systems for Sussex.

Please remember that our investments are not covered by the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and that prospective investors should be aware that the value of the shares, which will not be quoted, cannot go up, but can go down. In addition, there is no certainty that investors will get back the full amount they invest.


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