Introducing solar-powered electric vehicle charging to your workplace

There are already more than 1 million electric vehicles on UK roads, a figure expected to rise to  11 million by 2030.

To meet this growing demand, thousands of charge points must be installed across the country, presenting new possibilities for land and property owners.

Solar carports create an opportunity to generate on-site solar electricity in car parks which can be used charge vehicles. This might be your own fleet of vehicles, or those belonging to the public wanting to charge their car as they shop/ eat/ play.

BHESCo want to partner with forward-thinking landowners who are interested in developing a solar carport at their property.

As a social enterprise dedicated to accelerating the UK’s journey to zero carbon emissions, BHESCo will design, install, monitor, and maintain a solar carport at your site for no upfront cost.

What are the benefits of hosting a community solar carport?

What are the key benefits of installing a Solar Carport at your supermarket or shopping centre?

Provide on-site charging for electric vehicles

Establish new revenue streams

Enhance reputation with stakeholders

Provide energy flexibility services

Accelerate transition to net zero

Reduce exposure to energy markets

Why work with BHESCo?

“Once a financial case was made plus the benefit to the environment it was an obvious step to make. 

Kayla and her team do a fantastic job in helping to transition to a low carbon community”

– Dougal Fleming, Project Customer

Working with BHESCo as Project Manager

Once a site survey has identified whether a Solar Carport is compatible with your site, you may decide to engage BHESCo’s Energy Project Management Services.

When acting as Project Manager, BHESCo will take care of every aspect of your energy project, overseeing the planning, installation, cost management and operating performance of the systems that are installed.

We liaise with suppliers to obtain the best performance and value options and ensure that a high-quality installation is undertaken by one of our experienced and qualified local contractors.

Where applicable, BHESCo can act on your behalf in consultations with the local authority regarding permissions for listed properties or work in conservation areas or support grant applications.