By now it’s fairly obvious that the big oil and gas and energy companies have let us down badly. Despite the undeniable truth of climate change and its dire potential consequences, they still appear to put their pursuit of profit before the world’s wellbeing.

Thankfully, people from all walks of life are waking up to this reality and finding ways to fight back. You may not be ready to protest in the streets or participate in direct action but you can still help to bring about positive change through the power of ‘impact investing’.

When we talk about impact investing, we mean unlocking the potential of your money to support the things that matter to you.

This can be especially important later in life when you have savings that you want to put to good use, but must also be careful about making yourself a reliable and reasonable return.

For this reason, many older people are looking at the opportunities presented by impact investing, which can provide a unique combination of financial stability, ethical considerations, and positive societal and environmental impacts.

Lets take a look at some of the reasons why impact investing could be just what you have been looking for…

Sustainable Returns

Impact investing offer investors the prospect of stable and predictable returns over the long term. This is especially true of investments that support renewable energy projects. As these projects are rooted in sustainable energy sources like wind or solar power, the revenues generated tend to be more consistent compared to investments in stocks and shares. Older people seeking reliable income streams will find comfort in the steady cash flows associated with renewable energy projects.

Ethical and Social Impact

Investing in bonds supporting community-owned renewable energy projects may align with your personal ethics of good environmental stewardship, allowing you to contribute to positive societal change. These projects empower local communities, creating jobs and fostering economic growth while mitigating a collective reliance on fossil fuels. Investors can take pride in supporting initiatives that prioritise environmental and social responsibility.

Diversification of Portfolio

Diversifying investment portfolios is a fundamental strategy for mitigating risk. Community-owned renewable energy bonds provide an excellent avenue for diversification, as they are independent of traditional market trends. Including such investments in a retirement portfolio can help retirees achieve a balanced and resilient financial foundation.

Environmental Stewardship

Investors can actively participate in environmental stewardship by investing in bonds that fund renewable energy projects. These initiatives contribute to the reduction of our collective carbon footprint, helping to combat climate change. For older people concerned about leaving a positive legacy for future generations, supporting environmentally friendly projects becomes a tangible way to make a real difference.

Long-Term Sustainable Investments

Community-owned renewable energy bonds are typically structured as long-term investments. Retirees can benefit from the stability and security associated with these extended investment horizons, providing financial peace of mind during retirement.

Financial Security Through Asset-Backed Investment

Investing in bonds backed by tangible assets, such as renewable energy generation, enhances financial security. The physical nature of these assets ensures that, even in adverse market conditions, there is intrinsic value supporting the investment, offering investors an additional layer of protection for their capital.

Community and Neighborhood Improvement

By investing in bonds supporting local renewable energy projects, you can contribute to the improvement of local communities and neighbourhoods. These projects often lead to enhanced infrastructure, job creation, and community development, fostering a sense of pride and belonging.

Positive Public Image

Investing in community-owned renewable energy projects can positively shape an individual’s public image. Investors can be recognised as socially responsible people who are committed to the well-being of the planet and its communities.

Opportunity for Impactful Change

Retirees looking for more than just financial returns can find a sense of purpose in knowing that their investments are actively contributing to positive change. Community-owned renewable energy projects provide an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the environment and society.

Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) Tax Efficiency

For investors concerned about tax implications, the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) provides a tax-efficient wrapper for investments in peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding, including community-owned renewable energy bonds. This can enhance the overall returns for retirees while minimising tax liabilities.


Investing in community-owned renewable energy projects allows older generations to leave behind a legacy of positive environmental and social impact. Knowing that their investments have contributed to a sustainable future can be a source of pride for people as they plan their financial legacies.

Final thoughts...

Investing in bonds supporting community-owned renewable energy projects is an attractive option for anyone seeking stable returns, ethical investments, and positive societal and environmental impacts. By diversifying their portfolios with these bonds, investors can enjoy financial security while actively contributing to the well-being of their communities and the planet, leaving behind a legacy of positive change.

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