The financial models that BHESCo uses have been developed over the years through our experience working with customers and their various requirements. 

We want property owners to reduce their carbon emissions by working with us, so we do whatever we can to make that happen. The majority of our projects are completed using our innovative Pay As You Save model, where our service is made available at zero upfront cost using funds raised from the community.

This means that customers start to see savings immediately, with a portion of those savings being used to repay the cost of the installation. Once repaid, our customers get the full benefit of their savings.

There are other cases where a customer may want to pay something upfront to lower the borrowed amount, or where BHESCo cannot achieve savings from the measures that are installed, such as with underfloor heating or asbestos removal

Power Purchase Agreement

The customer pays a price for the energy generated or saved from the measures we install.

Operating Lease Agreement

The customer pays BHESCo for the right to use the equipment that we have installed on their premises and does not take ownership of the equipment,

Hire Purchase Agreement

The customer owns the equipment for financial and tax purposes and pays a monthly amount to pay back our upfront investment

Loan Agreement

A collateralised loan like one would get from a bank

To discuss a financial plan that’s right for you contact BHESCo today. Our friendly and knowledgable staff are here to answer your questions and help you begin your journey to energy independence.

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