Removing the financial burden of taking action on climate change

At BHESCo we know that most property owners in the UK love the idea of generating their own renewable energy and making their homes and businesses more energy efficient. 

We also know that most people often do not have the time, the technical know-how, or the finances to turn this dream into a reality.

That’s why BHESCo was established – to help communities overcome these obstacles and to take control over their energy bills and carbon emissions.

One of the most important ways that BHESCo supports homeowners, businesses and facilities managers is by providing the upfront financing for the installation of new energy efficiency or energy generating technologies.

How does BHESCo's Pay As You Save financing work?

Using our innovative ‘Pay As You Save’ finance initiative, the upfront cost of your community energy project is financed through a community share offer.

R & D

First of all BHESCo design a new low-carbon energy plan for your property, and tender the work to our network of trusted local suppliers..


Once we know the total cost required for equipment and labour, we proceed with a fundraising campaign in which members of the public are invited to buy shares in BHESCo in return for a reliable annual interest payment.


When the upfront project costs have been raised, BHESCo proceeds with the installation of your energy saving/ energy generating equipment. This means that you start to make savings immediately on your energy bill, without having spent any money of your own. 

Lease period

A portion of the savings that you make from your monthly energy bill is used to repay the upfront project cost to BHESCo.

Ownership transfer

After an agreed number of years the upfront cost is fully repaid and you become the sole owner of their energy saving/ energy generating equipment, meaning you can enjoy the full financial benefit for the remaining operational life of your equipment.

 In this way, we empower individuals, businesses and whole communities to reduce their environmental impact and take vital action on climate change.

What different types of project financing do BHESCo offer to customers?

BHESCo works with a range of customers with differing needs and concerns. Experience has enabled us to develop a variety of finance options to empower all types of property owner to take control of their energy bills.

There are other cases where a customer may want to pay something upfront to lower the borrowed amount, or where BHESCo cannot achieve savings from the measures that are installed, such as with underfloor heating or asbestos removal.

Here are some of the most common types of financing options that BHESCo offers to customers:

Power Purchase Agreement

The customer pays for the energy generated from the measures that BHESCo install. 

A typical example would be a solar PV installation, where BHESCo will sell the electricity generated from the solar panels to the property owner at a significantly reduced cost than purchasing energy directly from an energy supplier.

Operating Lease Agreement

The customer pays BHESCo for the right to use the equipment that we have installed on their premises but does not take ownership of the equipment.

Hire Purchase Agreement

The customer owns the equipment for finance and tax purposes and pays a monthly amount to pay back BHESCo’s upfront investment. 

Once the monthly payments come to an end, the ownership of the installation is transferred to the customer

Loan Agreement

This is similar to a collateralised loan that someone would get from a bank, only that BHESCo’s rate is more customer friendly. 

Loan agreements are normally taken for smaller amounts rather than bigger projects.

What are the next steps in partnering with BHESCo to finance your energy improvements?

If you are interested in partnering with BHESCo to design, install and potentially finance a new low-carbon heating system for your property then please complete the short contact form below and a member of our team will get back to you soon.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to answer your questions and help you begin your journey to energy independence.


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