What Is The Hollingdean Community Centre?

The Hollingdean Community Centre is located in one of the Brighton’s most diverse and vibrant wards but also one of its poorest.

It is managed by the Hollingdean Development Trust – a charity dedicated to addressing issues of poverty, deprivation and education within the local area.

Since 2014 BHESCo has been visiting Hollingdean every winter to provide energy bill advice to local residents.

How did BHESCo reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions at the community centre?

Following a survey of the premises BHESCo designed a detailed plan to lower energy use and fuel bills. The property is located at the top of a hill and has a south facing roof, making it an ideal candidate for rooftop solar PV. We engaged EcoSphere to install a 4kW photovoltaic system, which is expected to generate 4,061kWh of electricity each year.

To reduce energy use, we recruited Downs Energy to install loft insulation, and Lightfoot LED to replace the lighting system with LEDs. Finally, we added reflector panels to all external wall radiators to reduce heat loss in winter.

We expect the energy saving measures to reduce consumption by 7,500kWh of power each year, which combined with the electricity generated by the solar panels will reduce electricity bills by 75%.

BHESCo's CEO, Kayla Ente (middle, stripes) with local stakeholders including Trustees of the community centre, the Real Junk Food Project, and the Mayor of Brighton & Hove

Low carbon energy equipment installed at Hollingdean Community Centre

4kW Solar PV

170mm Roof Insulation

4 Radiator Reflctor Panels

56 LED Lamps

Annual Savings


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