Vardean College is a higher education facility on the edge of Brighton, which offers students a wide range of academic and vocational courses, as well as being the only state-funded college in the area to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

The college is situated near the top of Ditchling Road and the campus includes several large, pitched, south facing roofs, making this an ideal candidate for rooftop solar PV.

For this project, BHESCo have partnered with EcoShpere Renewables to support the delivery a 49.5kWp solar array.

Varndean College aerial drone photograph of campus looking North
Varndean College, 2018

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Project Delivery

A detailed survey of the campus was completed by our partners at EcoSphere Renewables, who concluded that the college could get a 180 panel, 49.5kW solar array on the roof of the property.

We would expect this system to generate 51,660kWh of renewable electricity each year, which will reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions from the Varndean College by 37 tonnes.

To put that into perspective, that’s the same amount of CO2 as would be emitted by 333 flights from Glasgow to Amsterdam.

Varndean College campus playing fields

An examinaton of the college’s energy bills for 2018 indicated there is enough energy demand on the site to consume nearly all of the electricity that will be produced by the solar panels (about 95%).

What this means is that the system will be incredibly efficient, with only a very small amount of electricty being exported to the National Grid.

This makes great financial sense because the cost of electricity is so high right now, at approximately 16p per kWh. Although this project qualifies for the Feed-In-Tariff and the Export Tariff (together worth approximately 9p per kWh of electricity exported to the National Grid) it is much more beneficial for the College to use the electricity as it is generated (i.e. saving 17p per kWh by not purchasing it from a supplier).

The new solar array will be installed over the course of the summer holidays and will be operational for the beginning of the Autumn Term 2019.

Equipment Installed

49.5kWp JA Solar PV Panels

Three Phase Solis Inverter


BHESCo are seeking to raise the funds for this project from our local community by inviting individuals and organisations to become member shareholders of our co-operative.

When you become a shareholder you will receive a 5% return* on your investment and know that your savings are reducing carbon emissions and having a positive impact on the community.

You will be able to vote on the future direction of our business and join a community energy movement that is transforming the UK energy landscape for good.

The minumum investment amount is £250. Take a look at the benefits when you become an investor and APPLY TODAY.



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