How industrial estates in Sussex
can reduce energy costs and
environmental impact

BHESCo are empowering industrial estates in Sussex to install modern renewable energy and battery storage solutions which deliver big reductions in operational costs and on-site carbon emissions.

Southeast England is a major centre of enterprise and innovation, with close ties to leading universities and business hubs like the Greater Brighton Economic Board. 

To support the UK’s climate targets, the region has set itself ambitious decarbonisation goals, fostering a growing demand for modern, sustainable business estates. 

For no upfront cost, BHESCo can design, finance, and project manage the installation of clean energy technologies at your industrial unit, reducing long-term operating costs and establishing you as a leader in the journey to net zero..

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What funding is available to help with energy improvements at industrial estates?

The Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) will support industrial sites in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to cut their energy bills and decarbonise their industrial processes through investing in energy efficiency and deep decarbonisation technologies.

A new funding round is available from June 2024, with funding available for feasibility studies, energy efficiency and decarbonisation deployment. BHESCo are welcoming interest from businesses who would like to submit a joint application.  

Eligible industries include:

Why a BHESCo energy survey should be the first step for improving the energy performance of your business

To identify opportunities for improving the energy, carbon and cost savings potential of any industrial park or business facility it is vital to gain a thorough understanding of existing energy demand and consumption patterns.

For this reason, a bespoke BHESCo energy survey should be the first phase of any planned improvements, underpinning every other stage of your future energy strategy.

Our bespoke energy survey will provide a thorough and detailed examination of every aspect involved with heating and powering your buildings and facilities.

We will design a bespoke on-site micro-generation and energy saving system, identifying technology synergies to enhance efficiency and deliver maximum cost savings for your industrial estate. Our analysis will measure and compare the anticipated reduction in demand that we can expect from installing different types of energy saving and/ or energy generating technologies.

In this way we can make conclusions about which combination of technologies will best meet the heat and power requirements of the business park, as well as being able to provide upfront cost and future savings projections to help you make the best decision.

What are the key benefits of installing energy saving and energy generating technologies at your industrial estate?

Lower heat and power costs

Establish new revenue streams

Enhance reputation with stakeholders

Provide energy flexibility services

Accelerate transition to net zero

Reduce exposure to energy markets

What are the key benefits of installing energy saving and energy generating technologies at your industrial estate?

Why work with BHESCo?

“Once a financial case was made plus the benefit to the environment it was an obvious step to make. Kayla and her team do a fantastic job in helping to transition to a low carbon community”

– Dougal Fleming, Project Customer

Working with BHESCo as Project Manager

Once a site survey has identified the most cost-effective energy saving/ energy generating solutions for your industrial estate, you may decide to engage BHESCo’s Energy Project Management Services.

When acting as Project Manager, BHESCo will take care of every aspect of your energy project, overseeing the planning, installation, cost management and operating performance of the systems that are installed.

We liaise with suppliers to obtain the best performance and value options and ensure that a high-quality installation is undertaken by one of our experienced and qualified local contractors.

Where applicable, BHESCo can act on your behalf in consultations with the local authority regarding permissions for listed properties or work in conservation areas or support grant applications.

How to finance your industrial estate's clean energy system

At BHESCo, we know that many industrial estates want to make the switch to renewable energy, but do not have  the upfront financing to make that happen. 

For this reason, BHESCo give our clients the option to install low-carbon energy systems at no upfront cost through our innovative Pay As You Save’ finance initiative. 

Project costs are raised from BHESCo’s network of community investors, who want to use their money to support solutions to climate change. This means there is no upfront cost to your business, who benefit from energy bill savings immediately. 

The project costs are paid back over an agreed number of years using a portion of the savings achieved from monthly energy bills. 

At the end of the contract period, ownership of the energy system is transferred to the industrial estate who enjoy 100% of the savings achieved on monthly energy costs. 

The changing policy landscape and the need for urgent action

Industrial and business parks are areas of intensive business activity which will continue to play a vital role in the local and national economy for decades.

It is therefore essential that business parks take action now to prepare for the radically different energy landscape that will soon emerge as a result of the transition to net zero carbon emissions.

Continuing with a business as usual approach and maintaining a reliance on fossil fuels for heat and power could present major financial obstacles as new low-carbon policies are enacted.

With the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards expected to increase to an EPC of B by 2030, up to 70% of commercial property space could be at risk of non-compliance

The introduction of a carbon-tax and the migration of environmental levies from electricity tariffs to gas tariffs will add significant costs onto carbon-intensive industries who do not change their methods or improve their current infrastructure.

Furthermore, the absence of modern, low-carbon initiatives in your business strategy could resonate negatively with potential business tenants and other stakeholders who increasingly prioritise environmental responsibility in their decision making

What options are available for improving the energy performance at your industrial estate?

A large site size combined with the high energy intensity of an industrial park presents an array of attractive possibilities for improvement.

The rapid evolution of low-carbon technologies and smart energy management systems, combined with ever decreasing costs and strengthening supply chains, means that new business models and cost saving/ revenue generating opportunities are becoming available all the time.

Depending on the energy profile of your industrial estate, the architectural attributes of each building, the geographical location of the site, and the demands of your business tenants, potential improvements could include:

Improving energy efficiency and thermal insulation

Improving the thermal and energy efficiency of the buildings and facilities located at your industrial estate will provide a higher level of comfort for business tenants while reducing corresponding energy consumption and associated costs.

In some cases it is possible to achieve energy consumption reductions of 15% or more.

Installing on-site renewable micro-generation

Available roof space that is suitable for solar PV generation should be exploited to its maximum potential.

Generating your own on-site electricity will be considerably cheaper compared to the commercial rates offered by national energy suppliers.

The ability to generate renewable electricity will also open up new revenue streams for your business park via the sale of excess electricity. Examples could include:

Taking advantage of battery storage technologies

The cost of battery storage has come down in recent years and their widescale adoption will form a crucial part in the development of a modern, flexible, low-carbon electricity network.

Installing battery storage technologies can deliver a suite of benefits and opportunities for your industrial park.

Examples include:

Digital energy management and data visualisation

At BHESCo we believe that ‘what is measured can be managed’.

Integrating remote monitoring and controls into the heating, lighting, battery storage and power generating technologies of your industrial park will enable facilities managers to gather data and gain new insight into the energy profile of your site.

Data visualisation and analysis can empower you to identify patterns and initiate improvements to processes and behaviour.

This could include adjustment of heat and lighting settings in response to new information, or creating a compelling business case for the adoption of new technologies where applicable.

Collating accurate data on electricity consumption patterns can enable industrial park managers to detect periods of peak and low energy usage, and to programme lighting, heating, and devices to achieve maximum cost-efficiency.

CASE STUDY: Alistair Fleming Fine English Cabinetry, Lewes

In 2018 BHESCo were commissioned by Alistair Fleming Cabinetry to design, finance and install a rooftop solar array plus a new heating and lighting system. 

Technology Installed: 29kW roof-mounted solar PV, 7 air-conditioning units , 79 LED lamps

Estimated lifetime financial saving: £127,364

Estimated lifetime carbon saving: 299 tonnes

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