Phase 1 - Alistair Fleming Cabinetry Workshop, Lewes

Lewes based bespoke kitchen designer and manufacturer Alistair Fleming have followed in the footsteps of leading global brands like Apple and Google by installing a solar power system on the roof of their workshop.

Alistair Fleming Design workshop in Plumpton Green is a converted barn consisting of uninsulated walls and a corrugated iron roof. Heating had been provided by an old biomass boiler.

BHESCo were engaged to find a solution to heating their workshop, which was reliant on an old and inefficient wood burning system.

BHESCo survey and recommendations

Following extensive planning and research we installed an air conditioning system which can be used to heat the warehouse in winter as well as cooling it in summer. 

The unit will be part-powered by a 28kW solar PV system, which will bring major benefits to the environment as well as significantly reducing the energy costs for the business.

The equipment is expected save over £1,000 a year on bills and reduce carbon emissions by 16 tonnes each year.

Energy Saving Business Organisation - Alistair Fleming Fine English Cabinetry - Brighton Hove Energy Services - Renewables Solar PV

Business owner Alistair Fleming said:

“We partnered with Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-op for this project and were very impressed by their knowledge and expertise. BHESCo took the time to understand our energy needs and delivered on what they promised”.

Kayla Ente, founder & CEO of BHESCo said:

“Alistair Fleming should be proud of themselves for their passion and dedication towards creating a more sustainable planet for us all. We hope their actions will inspire other local businesses to consider clean energy”.

Low-carbon energy equipment installed

28kW solar PV

79 LED lamps

7 Air-Con Units

Annual savings

(during lease term)
(after lease term)
Tonnes CO2

Delivering improvements at no upfront cost through BHESCo's 'Pay As You Save' finance initiative

The energy efficiency and energy generating technologies will deliver immediate cost savings to Alistair Fleming Design. A portion of these savings is then used to repay the cost of the project to BHESCo on a monthly basis, plus 5% interest paid to our shareholders annually for funding the project.

Over the finance term, the upfront cost is repaid in its entirety to BHESCo and the business becomes the owner of the equipment, able to enjoy 100% of the savings for the remaining operational lifetime.

The success and quality of our project on the workshop led Alistair Fleming Design to commission BHESCo to deliver the heat provision for their new high street shop.

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Delivering greater financial benefit by capitalising on government subsidy support mechanisms

The combination of energy generating and energy efficiency measures that were installed for this project will enable Alistair Fleming Design to enjoy a significant reduction in their annual energy costs, while also dramatically reducing their carbon emissions.

One of the key factors which made this community energy project so economically appealing was its eligibility for the solar power ‘Feed-In-Tariff which is worth £19,944 over the lease period.

Phase 2 - Alistair Fleming High Street Showroom, Lewes

What energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies did BHESCo install in the shop?

As with all of our projects, BHESCo conducted an exhaustive survey of the property to identify the most efficient heat and power solution that would offer the best value for money.

This was especially challenging for this project as the new showroom is located in the heart of one of Lewes’s most famous conservation areas on Lewes High Street.

Following consultation with Alistair Fleming and with our projects partners at A Greener Alternative, BHESCo recommended installing modern energy efficienct radiators combined with a cutting edge 12kW thermal battery offered by SunAmp Thermal Energy Storage Solutions.

SunAmp Thermal Heating

The SunAmp system is made in Scotland and is a new super-compact electric heating technology that works especially well in combination with solar panels, which we hope to install on the property soon.

Heat can be stored in the thermal battery system and discharged through ordnary radiators as required. 

The system can deliver highly responsive space heating with superb efficiency and has proven savings of up to 75% on utility bills.

SunAmp Heat Batteries help solve numerous problems by storing energy as heat and releasing it when and where it is needed. This is achieved at lower cost and higher efficiency than competing technologies (e.g. electrical batteries, hydrogen electrolysis or fuel cells) and is a totally new way of storing energy.

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