BHESCo are very excited to once again be partnering with our friends from Alistair Fleming Design to install a cutting-edge SunAmp heating system for their brand new showroom in Lewes.

In 2017 BHESCo teamed up with Alistair Fleming to design a low cost, low carbon heating solution for their large workshop facility which had previously relied on a wood burning system.

Following extensive planning and research we installed an air conditioning system which can be used to heat the warehouse in winter as well as cooling it in summer. The system is part-powered by a 28kW solar PV system, which delivers major benefits to the environment as well as significantly reducing the energy costs for the business.

Alistair Fleming are now expanding their business by opening a brand new showroom on the Cliffe High Street and have comissioned BHESCo to design a low carbon heating system for the property.

The Showroom

Project Delivery

As with all of our projects, BHESCo conducted an exhaustive survey of the property to identify the most efficient heating solution that would offer the best value for money.

This was especially challenging for this project as the new showroom is located in the heart of one of Lewes’s most famous conservation areas.

Following consultation with Alistair Fleming and with our projects partners at A Greener Alternative, BHESCo recommended installing the cutting edge space-heating technology offered by SunAmp Thermal Energy Storage Solutions.

SunAmp Thermal Energy Storage Unit

SunAmp Thermal Heating

The SunAmp system is made in Scotland and is a new super-compact electric heating technology that works especially well in combination with solar panels, which we hope to install on the property soon.

It can deliver highly responsive space heating with superb efficiency and proven savings of up to 75% on utility bills.

SunAmp Heat Batteries help solve numerous problems by storing energy as heat and releasing it when and where it is needed. This is achieved at lower cost and higher efficiency than competing technologies (e.g. electrical batteries, hydrogen electrolysis or fuel cells) and is a totally new way of storing energy.


BHESCo are seeking to raise the funds for this project from our local community by inviting individuals and organisations to become member shareholders of our co-operative.

When you become a shareholder you will receive a 5% return* on your investment and know that your savings are reducing carbon emissions and having a positive impact on the community.

You will be able to vote on the future direction of our business and join a community energy movement that is transforming the UK energy landscape for good.

The minumum investment amount is £250. Take a look at the benefits when you become an investor and apply today.

Target = £15,000


You can bring this communtiy energy project to life by investing in BHESCo today

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