Community Energy Projects | Case Studies

Since 2015 BHESCo have completed more than 50 community funded low carbon energy projects across Sussex.

Our community energy projects help to drive down fuel costs for our customers and reduce the environmental impact of their premises.

Almost all of our energy projects are completed at no up front cost to customers using our innovative ‘Pay As You Save’ finance initiative.

Schools and Colleges

BHESCo have completed eight community funded energy projects for schools and colleges throughout the Sussex area. Educational facilities are often ideal candidates for solar power as they typically have a large elevated roof and consume high volumes of electricity during peak hours of sunlight. In addition to delivering savings on operating costs, the introduction of low-carbon energy technologies serves as a powerful demonstration to young students of sustainability in action.

The Montessori Place, Uckfield

Year: 2016

Technology Installed: 27kW solar PV, 7kW Daikin heat pump, underfloor heating, 106 LED lamps, 300mm loft insulation

Lifetime Financial Saving: £49,260

Lifetime CO2 Saving: 171 tonnes

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Office and Small Business Premises

Office spaces present numerous opportunities to improve energy efficiency and BHESCo have delivered several notable office projects in and around Brighton and Hove. Significant energy consumption reductions can often be achieved through relatively simple interventions such as switching to efficient LED lighting and introducing motion sensors and power down technology.

Werks Central, Brighton

Year: 2016

Technology Installed: 12kW solar PV, Scarecrow acoustic bird dispersal system, 261 LED lamps

Lifetime Financial Saving: £30,793

Annual CO2 Saving: 165 tonnes

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Sports and Leisure Centres

Sports and leisure centres are some of the most energy intensive properties in Sussex. Power hungry fitness equipment, expansive facilities, and long opening hours create a formula for high energy bills that pose a significant challenge for facilities managers. Reducing energy demand via modern energy efficiency technologies and intelligent data analysis can make a tremendous difference to operating costs and environmental impact.

The Unity Centre, Lewes

Year: 2019

Technology Installed: 22kW air source heat pump, underfloor heating, LED lighting

Lifetime Financial Saving: £24,525

Lifetime CO2 Saving: 336 tonnes

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Retail Premises

Retail properties and high street shops experience expensive heat and power costs due to extended operational hours and a high volume of people entering and exiting the premises. BHESCo have partnered with a number of local businesses to identify the most cost-effective solution for their heating and cooling needs, such as infrared panel heaters, energy efficient refrigeration units, and thermal energy storage.

Alistair Fleming Design, Lewes

Year: 2018

Technology Installed: 12kW SunAmp thermal energy storage unit, wall-mounted fan convector heaters, LED lighting

Lifetime Financial Saving: £15,620

Lifetime CO2 Saving: 166 tonnes

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Churches and Church Buildings

Church buildings face many challenges in maintaining a comfortable temperature for visitors due to the vast size and old age of this type of property. Fuel costs can be very expensive and identifying the most effective solution requires a combination of measures that balance comfort, conservation, affordability, and environmental sustainability.

Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham

Year: 2020

Technology Installed: 30kW roof-mounted solar PV array

Lifetime Financial Saving: £30,592

Lifetime CO2 Saving: 160 tonnes

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Commercial, Industrial and Warehouse Properties

Today’s manufacturing and warehouse facilities are designed to maximise efficiency by reducing energy demand through energy saving technologies, on-site generation, and data driven insight. To promote business competitiveness and profitabiltiy it is essential to have a modern energy strategy that delivers cost savings whilst lowering the environmental impact of operations.

Alistair Fleming Design Workshop, Lewes

Year: 2018

Technology Installed: 29kW roof-mounted solar PV, 7 air-conditioning units , 79 LED lamps

Lifetime Financial Saving: £322,931

Lifetime CO2 Saving: 299 tonnes

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