Why its important for Brighton and Hove businesses to take control of heating and hot water

Ensuring that your business premises are comfortably warm during the winter months and adequately cool during summer is vitally important for any business.

An uncomfortable temperature can contribute to a decline in staff performance and employee satisfaction, not to mention the impact on clients and customers.

The ideal room temperature for any property should be within the range of 18oC – 21oC, but this can be difficult to maintain in older buildings which have a low degree of energy efficiency and heat retention.

Properties which have a low level of thermal performance will lose a great deal of heat during cold weather. This will inevitably lead to very high energy bills and is also bad for the environment, as more fuel must be consumed in order to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Taking active measures to improve the heating and hot water facilities of your property will generate great savings for your business, in addition to reducing your environmental impact. 

As a small to medium sized business, how much attention do you pay to your energy usage?

Money Super Market estimates that SMEs spend between £3,187 and £9,473 per year on gas and electricity. 

According to the Carbon Trust, for many businesses, a 20% reduction in energy costs has the same effect on the bottom line as a 5% increase in sales, so it’s well worth investigating where improvements could be made.

Case Study 1: The Unity Centre


BHESCo installed a 22kW air source heat pump to provide low-carbon heating for this community wellbeing centre in Lewes.

The heat is delivered to individual rooms through an underfloor heat network, which is designed to enable varying temperatures to be set remotely according to heat zone.

Equipment installed:

Take action to reduce the cost of heating and hot water costs for your business

Unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to upgrading the heating and hot water facilities for your business. 

There are large variations depending on the type of business you run, the size and age of your property, and the financial resources available to you.

However, it is certainly true that every building can stand to make long-term savings by improving the efficiency of their heating and hot water systems. The most cost-effective solution will vary from property to property, but common examples of where improvements can be made include upgrading to a modern efficient boiler, installing modern heating technologies, and making use of smart thermostats and data-driven heat demand management.

Furthermore, depending on the specific characteristics of your premises, it may even be possible to start generating your own renewable electricity using solar power or your own renewable heat with a heat pump.

Large corporations are already recognising the benefits of this to both their bottom line and the positive PR it creates with their customers and employees. IKEA, for example, plans to generate as much renewable energy as it consumes in its operations by 2020.

Interested in working with BHESCo on an energy project for your business? 

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Getting help to reduce the cost of your heating and hot water

At BHESCo, we understand that many business owners simply do not have the time, financial resource, or the technical expertise to being making improvements to the thermal performance of this business premises. 

This is why we established our Energy Saving Service – to assist you on your journey towards reducing the long-term financial and environmental costs of your heat and power needs. 

Following an on-site survey our expert energy advisers can quickly establish where heat and energy are being wasted, and will suggest the most cost-effective measures to improve the thermal efficiency of your property.

BHESCo have a wealth of experience in guiding SMEs through the options for cutting energy costs, increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, and we have a proven track record of exceptional project delivery.

Where appropriate we can assist with the upfront financing of your chosen energy measures using our innovative Pay As You Save initiative. The upfront costs are financed by BHESCo members who have invested in clean energy generation and savings systems to help transform our communities.

This means there is no upfront cost to our customers, who in most cases, will start making savings immediately. A portion of the savings are then used to repay the cost of the project, plus interest which we pay to our shareholder members.

Start your journey towards lower energy costs and improved heat and comfort by contacting BHESCo today. Our team of advisers are waiting to take your call and to answer any questions you may have.

Case Study 2: Alistair Fleming Design


When Alistair Fleming Design took over this empty shop front on Lewes High Street in 2019, BHESCo were engaged to identify a low-cost, low-carbon heating solution. 

Following a detailed survey of the property BHESCo project managed the installation of an innovative modern SunAmp heating system. 

SunAmp heat batteries deliver hot water and highly responsive space heating with superb efficiency and proven savings of up to 75% on utility bills.

It is eventually our intention to power the SunAmp Heat Batteries using rooftop solar PV.

Equipment installed:

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